Our Consultants

Our consultants are specialists in their respective service disciplines.

Sales Tax Recovery

All of our Sales Tax Consultants are professionally accredited accountants with over 20 years of experience in tax recovery. In addition they have many years of management and business experience as former Controllers, VP Finance and Field Auditors.


The Telecom consultants come from the telecommunications industry and have worked for some of the largest providers in the country. They are very knowledgeable on the latest telecommunications technology available and have over 20 years of Telecom review experience.


The Freight consulting team is comprised of Logistic professionals who have extensive experience providing their expertise to many different firms over the years performing freight expense reviews.


The SR&ED consulting team is comprised of professional engineers and accountants to provide our clients a comprehensive claim preparation service that includes technical report writing, identifying projects that qualify and quantifying the value of the projects to prepare a claim.

Foreign VAT

Our Foreign VAT consultants have experience in processing claims for all "VAT eligible" countries in Europe and the United Kingdom.